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Safety Apps Ltd

Based in Cambridge, England our Risk Assessment App - Risk Assessor, was a instant success. With 20,000 users in it’s first year of trading it was clear there was a global requirement for a quality mobile risk assessment solution.

In 2014 we developed our solution even further by launching our Web Based Risk Assessment Management Solution. This was an instant success and commended in the National BSiF Safety Awards.

Users can now carry out a risk assessment anywhere, anytime and upload it immediately to our system, where the data can be managed and analysed. We’ve come a long way since we launched and are enjoying making such a big difference to health and safety.

Although we’re based in the UK our sales team are here to help - wherever you’re based. Our platform is global so any questions you have, please just ask.

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Your package will be charged in 2 ways, tailored to suit the size of your business. The first thing you’ll have to do is work out how much space you need, the second is how many users. The space is shared across every user you add. To give you an idea, an average 2-page report with a photo is about 0.33mb.

Prices (based on annual costs on signup)
Space (in Mb)
Cost (in GBP)
For every user you add it’s £2.99 per month, annual cost is £35.88. Prices all exclude VAT.