How does it work?

Use your Android or iOS device to create a detailed Risk Assessment report. The PDF report can be stored on the device and edited for future use.

Can I add my own hazards and controls

Yes, we load the app with 10 example hazards, each with associated control measures. You can edit this list and add to it making fully custom to your business. The user can also edit the default entries as he goes to ensure an accurate assessment.
Cloud users can create a company library of hazards and controls that can be rolled out to every single user on their account.

What format does the App save the Assessments in?

Each Assessment is saved as an A4 PDF, the page count will be determined by the amount of hazards

How big is each Assessment?

An assessment with 1 photo is approximately 0.25mb

How much does it cost?

You can download the full version for Free from Google Play or the Appstore. All that's missing is the email feature. To add the email feature will be a one off cost of £49.99 GBP. If you subscribe to the Cloud, you won't need the email feature - you can simply upload the assessments straight to your Cloud Account.

How much does the Cloud cost?

Excluding VAT for UK customers, subscription costs are as follows
150mb: £7.99
300mb: £15.99
500mb: £39.99
1000mb: £79.99
Then for each additional user you add it's simply £2.99 per month.

Does this cost include Support?

We include full support to the administrator of the account. All general user support enquiries should be made to the administrator. Generally these issues are forgotten passwords, or incorrect entries.

Does it work all over the world?

Yes, the free app can be downloaded globally and our powerful server is very fast all over the world

Do the HSE endorse it?

The HSE won't endorse a product unless they've worked on the development process, however the App and Cloud service was commended in the UK BSiF National Safety Awards - something that doesn't come lightly

Is the Server secure?

Yes, you'll notice in your browser the site is prefixed with https

Is the Data backed up?

Yes all the data uploaded is backed up for disaster recovery only. We can't recover files you've deleted by accident.

Is the Servers security monitored ?

Yes, although we don't keep customers payment details (we use Worldpay), we still carry out PCI compliance checks on the server using Security Metrics.

If I haven't got a signal, do I lose my risk assessment?

No, the assessment will be stored on the device until you choose to upload it

Can I backup my own data?

Yes, we've made it very easy to backup your data. Simply select the folder you'd like and click on Download. The contents will be zipped and downloaded to your computer

Can other users see my data?

No, only people you add to your account can see your data

If I get a new phone, can I still use the app

Yes, you'll need to sync your old phone with latest purchases with Google Play or iTunes. Then when you sync your new phone your purchases will be transferred across.