How Health & Safety Can Win You More Business

October 09, 2019

Risk Assessment isn't just vital to ensuring you're taking every step possible to keep you and your peers safe at work, it can also win you work.

Not everybody takes it as seriously as they should, and that's why the ones that do, stand out.

Whether you're using a risk assessment template or creating your own on our system, you're fulfilling a legal requirement and making sure the work you're going to be doing, has as little risk as possible.

While it's likely that many would rather be busy applying their trade and earning money, what we're about to tell you may completely change your outlook.

Let's start by putting yourself in the shoes of a potential new client, and consider what they're looking for?

It's almost certain that a client will first consider your professionalism, competence, and quality of work. Essentially, are you someone that can do the job, and to a high standard?

They'll also consider price, while this may just be a consideration, in competitive markets it is a factor.

Crucially, a client will also need to know that any new contractor takes health and safety seriously. As of course, a client would trust that work would be undertaken without any unavoidable workplace accidents, costly damages, or delays, due to you neglecting your health and safety duties.

While you may think that you'll never encounter a workplace accident, it's always best to be prepared and to take precautions. Especially when you consider that 555,000 injuries occurred at work during 2017-2018 according to a Labour Force Survey, and of course, this only representative of injuries that were reported.

Health & Safety Elements That Clients Are Looking For

Risk assessments

In short, undertaking an assessment will show the significant hazards of your work, outline who will be affected by your work, and what controls you have in place to minimise or even eradicate risks. Any further actions that you will take should also be outlined.

For more detailed information on undertaking a risk assessment, see our guide five steps to risk assessment.

Method statements

Method statements can give you a competitive edge when pitching for new contracts, while ensuring the task is going to be carried out safely.

Method statements outline the way in which tasks should be completed to adhere to safe working practices. Often, method statements are requested as part of a wider tender process, this an ideal opportunity to demonstrate to potential clients how you'll provide your services safely and diligently.

How Larger Organisations Can Benefit Too

Of course, it's not just contractors and sole traders that can benefit. Studies across Europe estimate that for every euro invested in health and safety, there is a return of 2.2 euros.

The economic benefits for sole traders, all the way through to large multinational organisations is clear.

Wrapping Up

To echo the sentiments of the health and safety community "Good health and safety is good business". Essentially, you cannot be good at business, unless you are good at managing the associated risks. Arguably, with current economic uncertainty in the UK, there has never been a better time to apply this ethos.