Our Safety Signage App Is Here!
March 04, 2021

The last 12 months have been crazy for everybody. Here at Safety Apps Ltd we have used the time wisely though. You may not be aware but Risk Assessor was originally created to be used by our Cambridge signage business Bigprinting for their own signage risk assessments.

Upon launching it gathered hundreds of downloads instantly and things just didn't slow down. The Safety Apps team have used this strange time as an opportunity to build some software to bridge the gap between both companies and by doing that, the Safety Signage App has been born.

Risk Assessor has always been a success because of its ease of use. We created a simple user experience and people love it. It seemed obvious to us to take the same format, and apply it to safety signs. We've taken all the best bits from Risk Assessor and applied them to Safety Signage.

You can now drag and drop safety signage over a gridded photograph and create an instant installation plan and of course a quote. The same theory of removing the need for the user to return to their office to order signage is also taken into account. It can all be done while you're walking the site.

To make it even more powerful we introduced a sign builder to the Safety Signage app - Safety Signs can now be designed with ease. Select your colour, choose your icon and add your text. You can even add your logo.

Once you've designed your safety sign you can also share it with others, so if other people within your company require similar signage on another site, they can use your sign design on their version of the app.

In addition to the option to build your own safety sign design, you can choose from thousands of pre-existing designs. We have a range of product categories to choose from, including:

It's totally free to download - we'd love you to try and it and of course report back to us with any feedback.

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Carla Crocombe is the Founder and Managing Director of Safety Rocks Limited. She is an experienced occupational health and safety professional, alongside being a dedicated tutor. Carla regularly presents webinars and events as a specialist in her field. Safety Rocks Limited delivers bespoke in-company health, safety, environmental and management training with the objectives of improving safety culture, reducing accidents and incidents, increasing employee engagement and ultimately saving companies time and money".