Leading Manufacturer deploy Risk Assessor
April 12, 2018

Who are Doncaster?

The Doncasters Group is a leading international manufacturer of high-precision alloy components which are designed to operate in the most demanding of conditions.

With over 240 years of experience, this fast-growing group is constantly developing its broad range of products and processes to best serve the aerospace, industrial gas turbine, specialist automotive, petrochemical, construction, industrial and transportation markets. Core areas of expertise include new product development, precision casting, forging, fabrication, machining and the production of superalloys and fasteners.

The Group’s vision is to promote a workplace fostered by compassionate, caring employees who demonstrate an active, willing, and personal desire to achieve a goal of zero injuries, illnesses, spills, and non-conformances to compliance requirements.

Why did Doncaster Group decide to invest specifically in Safety Apps and Risk Assessor?

Doncaster Group in the UK had a system in place that was not delivering the key functionalities, our previous system was unable to provide mobile working, be interactive and demonstrate improved robust approach for risk assessments. We found Risk Assessor’s other features to be really interesting, such as Method Statements, RAMS, Audits and Accident Prevention all under one solution.

Risk Assessor is so simple and it enables users to be interactive, meaning we are able to engage users to be even more responsible, by sharing ideas, reports and hazards and how best to address them.

The cloud system offers great feedback, we are able to view across the business stats, analytics and trends, making the whole system productive at the back end and not only the front end.

What time was taken to find a solution that best fit your requirements?

We searched for a solution that could enhance the professional approach we undertake at the Doncaster Group and we reviewed many solutions that offered data, such as training records and other features, which the group already have in place and would have only duplicated what we have. We wanted a solution that could really focus down on the key area for identifying risk, managing it and monitoring it, very easily. Risk Assessor simplifies and saves time but still focuses on the critical controls to maintain a safe working environment and place to work, on and off site.

How did the trial go and what was the user feedback?

Safety Apps Ltd worked with us to ensure we maximised on our pilot, this was a great way to see and explore the solution in it’s full offering, there is no other way to explore a new safety solution and system other than deploying it in to the business to measure the results and feedback from users.

The feedback from all users was extremely positive, it demonstrates a new and fresh way of working by the use of technology with an excellent innovation that makes  reporting and management seamless.

Based on the trial we undertook we decided to run with the system before the pilot ended, as from the start it addressed all our key objectives for our requirements and the users fully embraced the system.

To date, what is your impression of the Safety Apps team and their commitments to maintaining their service levels?

 The Safety Apps team worked with us throughout our trial and their support, service and technical expertise was excellent and professional, it’s a real pleasure to work with them.

How does DG expect to grow Risk Assessor usage within the business? Ie: Divisions, Departments, Regions, Tasks.

We can see the solution developing even further over time. Our group have several systems in place, and some regions and sites may require additional systems such as Risk Assessor that offers key benefits which other systems and processes may not.

So we were delighted and relived to have found Risk Assessor and Safety Apps ltd, it suited our requirements, business and staff needs.

How is the system being used?

Risk Assessor has evolved the way we approach and report on Risk, our engineers are able to quickly complete the relevant reports, there is no paper requirement as everything is digital therefore reports are stored safely, and our engineers are therefore more productive within their relevant business unit areas.  The ease of being able to download a report or template from the cloud to their devices on site, makes the whole process come together for the reporting, managing, updating and sharing across the business.

What have DG gained from the use of the System?

We have seen efficiency increase since we have deployed Risk Assessor, the innovative operator sign off feature on assessments provides us with excellent management. The huge plus for us was that via a mobile device the engineers and operators are able to do this remotely, therefore speeding up the whole process whilst maintaining the highest level of safety.

As everything is captured digitally it’s easy to access the reports and information for reviews and updates with live data, in comparison to our previous system where it was quite a lengthy process with limitations. 

Carla Crocombe is the Founder and Managing Director of Safety Rocks Limited. She is an experienced occupational health and safety professional, alongside being a dedicated tutor. Carla regularly presents webinars and events as a specialist in her field. Safety Rocks Limited delivers bespoke in-company health, safety, environmental and management training with the objectives of improving safety culture, reducing accidents and incidents, increasing employee engagement and ultimately saving companies time and money".