Task Manager

April 12, 2018
Task Manager

Another module we’re excited about for 2018 - Task Manager. Our product has been commended for it’s ease of use and general formatting of the risk assessment, and now we’ve decided to take it a step further. Now when you’re creating an assessment, you’ll not only be able to add Additional Control Measures Required , but you’ll be able to allocate them to somebody, set a deadline and keep an eye on the progress. Intended for use with Safety tasks we’ve opened up this module to everyone - so even if you’re not using the Risk Assessment module, you can still manage your, and your companies tasks.

  • Create detailed projects / tasks

  • Set deadlines

  • Allocate tasks to others

  • Keep a track on progress of tasks

  • Set reminders

  • Receive notifications when tasks are completed

  • Allocate tasks while creating the risk assessment

  • Use free of charge, even if you’re not a paid Risk Assessor customer

  • Available online, iOS, Android and Windows

We believe this module will provide a solid foundation for all safety tasks and be linked with many more modules to come. For more information please contact us on sales@riskassessor.net